Nizamia Andalusia School

Pak Adi

“Nizamia Andalusia is a place with comfort atmosphere, and fun workplace to me. The teachers, staff, students and even parents is like another family to me.“

Pak Adi is the vice principal of student affair Nizamia Andalusia Kindergarten consisting of toddler and play group classes. He is one of the best story tellers in Nizamia Andalusia. He decided to dedicate his life as a teacher for the last 14 years because he believed that teaching is a noble profession and he enjoyed spending his time with children.

Bu Kiki

“I love Nizamia Andalusia for it has always felt like a family, it is also a growing community that always has new things to explore and innovative ideas for their students.

Ibu Kiki is currently the vice principal of quality assurance Nizamia Andalusia Kindergarten. Her passion and love for education and children motivate her to be a teacher. Ibu Kiki joined Nizamia Andalusia School in 2015 and she has been an experienced teacher for 23 years until now.

Bu Rara

“The dynamic school environment inspires us to always upgrading ourselves and eager to try something new, I am proud to be a part of the school that has been successfully creating innovative learning activities and school events that inspire others.“


Ibu Rara is the principal for the lower level of SD Nizamia Andalusia (Grade 1-3). She is graduated from UPN Veteran Yogyakarta with a bachelor’s in agribusiness and UT majoring in PGSD (Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar). Joining Nizamia Andalusia School back in 2011, Ibu Rara is passionately carries out her role as a teacher because she loves children and feels like she can always learn from them.

Bu Uli

“Nizamia Andalusia School is my second home it is truly a home with its warmth and family ties where we can work together and grow to support each other.

Ibu Uli is graduated from the State University of Jakarta with a Bachelor’s in geography education. She decided to be a teacher because she is interested to further understand the process of growth and development of children. Being a part of the journey, itself brings her extraordinary happiness and satisfaction. She joined Nizamia Andalusia School back in 2012 and has been experienced in teaching for 15 years ever since. Before being appointed as the principal for the upper level of primary school (Grade 4-6), Ibu Uli was trusted as the principal of SMP Nizamia Andalusia for 3 years.

bu aprie

Bu Apri

“I happily dedicating myself to Nizamia Andalusia School because the continuous development and innovation culture within the school has always challenged me to also elevate myself.


Ibu Apri is appointed as the principal of SMP Nizamia Andalusia since July 2021, before that, she has been trusted as the principal of SD Nizamia Andalusia for 6 years. She holds a Bachelors’s degree in Accounting Education from the State University of Jakarta and earned a Master’s in Education degree from the University of Prof. DR. Hamka, Jakarta. Being a teacher has always been her dream since childhood, as she always wanted her life to be meaningful to everyone around her. Ibu Apri joined Nizamia Andalusia School in 2009 and has been experienced in teaching for 21 years.