Nizamia Andalusia School
Primary School

SD Nizamia Andalusia is a primary school that consistently combining the national curriculum with enrichment from IPC Curriculum to bring a world-quality education for the students. While elevating the academic quality, SD Nizamia Andalusia is also focusing on instilling Islamic values within students.

Considering the new development and age stages our students will go through during their journey in primary school, SD Nizamia Andalusia provides a supportive learning environment to meet their needs. We are committed to nurture our students and provide a good start for them to be the future leaders of Indonesia with integrity, agility, and strong Islamic characters that are able to thrive with any future challenges and obstacles.

In SD Nizamia Andalusia, our class subjects range from Islamic Studies, Language, Math, Science, Physical Education, Music, Civil Education, Art and Craft to Social Soft skills and Character Building to meet the needs of our students in growing and developing themselves.