Nizamia Andalusia School
Director’s Note
"Jangan menyerah sampai tiba di Jannah"


Nizamia Andalusia School was established back in 2003. The school was initiated by Bpk. M. Amin, who wishes to build a school that focuses not only on academic achievement but also on instills Islamic values within the children. In 2004, he decided to entrust the school management to her daughter, Ibu Zahra Fajardini (the current School Director of Nizamia Andalusia). 

In August 2004, TK Nizamia Andalusia was officially operated with only 4 students. Alhamdulillah, the school gained more trust from parents as our number of students are consistently increasing over years. Years after TK Nizamia Andalusia was established, our parents share the same vision to have a primary school that promotes global education with Islamic values integrated into the program. Thus, in 2009 SD Nizamia Andalusia was humbly established in Kalibata, South Jakarta. As the school grow and develop itself as a formal education institution, in 2015, SMP Nizamia Andalusia was established as the addition to Nizamia Andalusia School. 

In Nizamia Andalusia School, we realized that endless innovation is important, and that’s what motivates us to start a new additional unit focusing on music education. In collaboration with Yovie Widianto, the well-known Indonesian pianist, musician, and songwriter, Nizamia Andalusia School has launched Yovie Music School (YMS) Nizamia Andalusia in March 2020. In July 2020, Nizamia Andalusia School launched College Preparatory (IGCSE Classes) called Spread Your Wings that allow students to join University Foundation/College after they finished their middle school. 

Pandemic might change everything and give us obstacles and limitations like we never imagine before. But in Nizamia Andalusia, we believed that we can overcome the hardship by keeping pushing ourselves to be creative and innovative in adapting to the situation. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, Nizamia Andalusia has been proudly executing numerous learning programs to keep students feel excited during school hours, even when they can’t be physically in school. We are known as the school that cares and always gives our best in providing high-quality education for our students. As of today, in the 2021/2022 academic year, Nizamia Andalusia School is a second home for 1.157 students and more than 200 teachers and staff.

Zahra Fajardini

Ibu Dini is currently the Education Director of the Nizamia Andalusia School and School Principal of Nizamia Andalusia Kindergarten. She was once trusted as Executive Secretary of the Southeast Asia School Principals Forum (SEASPF) Secretariat in 2010-2011 before finally became the Director of the SEASPF Secretariat from 2011 to 2015. Until now, Ibu Dini continues to contribute as a speaker at various Education Conferences in ASEAN and other countries.

Ibu Dini completed her undergraduate education at Washington State University, USA, and continued her graduate education at Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta. She is currently continuing her study at INTI International University Malaysia, pursuing a degree in Master of Business Administration. She was awarded as an Outstanding School Principal from the DKI Jakarta Education Office, 100 Innovative Women in NOVA 2012, and 40 Featured Women in Femina Magazine. 

Currently, apart from living her life as Director of Education at Nizamia Andalusia School, Ibu Dini is active in various women’s empowerment activities with IPEMI (Indonesian Muslimah Entrepreneurs Association) East Jakarta and advises a youth-led organization called BecomeMore Indonesia.